TSSF Architects, Inc.

Commericial Architects serving Saginaw, Bay City, and Midland, Michigan

Assemble the team

At the outset of your project, TSSF assembles a group of architects and consultants who work together as a coordinated and efficient team to identify the project’s scope and purpose.  In our role as Architect, TSSF is the team leader with the overall responsibility for the project’s design.  Specialists in a variety of fields—such as mechanical design and electrical design—work with us as the project requires.

Clear Communication

We anticipate that the Owner will have a representative to answer questions, provide direction and be involved throughout the entire design, development and execution of the project.

The design of your project requires a great deal of communication and coordination.  To accomplish this, the Project Architect coordinates regular meetings of our design staff, specialists and the Owner’s representative.  These meetings provide a forum to openly discuss ideas, identify problems and explore solutions to the building design.

Budget and Cost Control

Cost control is critical to the success of any project. This is true not only for initial construction, but also when considering the cost of operation. We carefully evaluate each element of the building to determine which materials and systems will provide the optimum service on a life cycle cost basis. Our team makes these kinds of assessments—called value engineering—throughout the entire design process, and they help assure a balance between operational and initial costs.

The project’s budget is developed during the schematic design phase. It’s monitored and updated during the design development phase, and finally confirmed during the preparation of construction documents. The Architect performs construction cost estimating, which involves confirming current unit costs for materials and equipment with contractors and suppliers. Through the years, this approach has enabled us to establish an excellent track record for delivering a project within budget.

Staying on Track

Finally, we hold regularly-scheduled job progress meetings with the Owner’s Representative and contractors. These meetings help establish and maintain good communication, assure smooth progress and result in the project’s timely completion.